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The Festival of Films Supports The Filmmaker

The Festival of Films provides a venue for all filmmakers to get noticed and funding. By entering the various festivals, the artists are eligible for Toronto Film Industry Investment Corporation support.  Each festival has it’s various benefits. Participants all benefit.  Festival winners keep moving up to full funding.  See aech festival for details.

The Festival of Films provides funding source

The Festival of Films provides a venue for all filmmakers to get noticed and funding. Also, Festival of Films provides the movie-making tools needed to produce your product, if needed.  TFIFF a community for you to interact with as well both for feedback and ideas   All the tools we use to built and create art here at Festival of Films are offered to the Festival of Films community.

The Festival of Films will help improve the quality of your work ...

We’re glad you found us! we’re building a tight-knit creative community around our custom online hub. We promote filmmaking, produce projects, and meet talented friends and collaborators from around the world, all from the comfort of our websites and drop in centers. Whether you’re interested in narrative films, documentary films, or music videos, you can expect to benefit from the funding we offer and the assistance in production.  At Festival of Films whatever projects you have in mind Festival of Films is outcome-based and that empowers you to work at your own pace on any project you want.


Discover the Festival of Films community and your new online funding environment. We lay out our expectations and explain how everything works to ensure you start off on the right foot. As a part of your orientation, we offer you nights involving online and at our place discussion of filmmaking basics, beginning with an examination of films and how to get funding and to move to development.

Screenwriting if needed

A screenplay is the foundation of most successful films. We help you demystify story structure and explain how it’s relevant to both narrative and documentary projects. Expect to learn about western dramatic structure, “the hero’s journey” and character archetypes, how to construct and pace tension, how to balance action and dialogue, and much more.


Learn the art and science of post-production. You’ll cover the paper edit, NLE software, file ingest, rough cuts, titling, color correction, and a vast range of editing theories and techniques, including project file organization and non-destructive editing. This module prepares you to “shoot for the edit” as you begin to brainstorm the production of your own short film.


Like screenwriting, cinematography requires an acute awareness of language. In our cinematography module, you’ll study the works of the masters while developing a visual vocabulary all your own. Explore the three main components of cinematography – lighting, movement, and composition – and dive deep into shot types, shot continuity, color theory, and more.





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